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Computer help and computer repair for Seminole County, Orange County and surrounding areas

Do you need emergency computer help or computer repair? If yes, you are on the correct site. Absolute Computer Services provides computer help, repair of desktop computers and laptops (Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Sony, HP, MSI, Lenovo), monitors, computer and laptop setup, data restore. We also provide service for Macintosh (Apple).

Because computers take a very important place in our life and have become more and more popular, such services as computer help and computer repairs are extremely. It's hardly possible to imagine an individual or a family that doesn't have a computer, however, you always need good experience to keep your computer in fast and smooth running condition. Since 2004 our company has the necessary experience to provide the best solution for you.
Computer Repair
Computer repair is very responsible work which needs good knowledge of all computer devices and principles of their functioning. Being able to correctly identify the source of the computer problem is the main task of any computer repair.

If your computer has malfunctioned, check to see if the warranty is still valid. Ususally this last for one year after new purchase. It's preferable for you to go through the dealer to get a free of charge repair, however it can take more time than you expect. If the warranty period is over and you need an urgent repair at home, you can contact us. We shall conduct a full diagnosis of your computer, find the reason of the problem and offer you possible options for repair.
Computer Help
Computer help is a set of computer services, such as computer upgrading and setup. Installing and configuration of the programs, antivirus preventive measures, setup of internet and email, network with peripheral devices (copier, scanner, printer), search of drivers etc.

Urgent computer help depends on the experience of the specialist. When you really need professional and urgent help at home or at the office, you can contact us. We'll be glad to help you!
CALL US 407.731.7824 IT Services, Computer Repair, Networks, and More! Contact Email
TROUBLESHOOTING - Exceptional Diagnosis
Professional repair of the computer definitely begins with troubleshooting
Aimed at finding out the true reason of the problem and preventing possible problems in future.
In some cases diagnostics of the computer conducted in time will let you deal with some issues in the work of your computer independently, for instance, when the problems do not concern the system block and operation system. However, when the computer doesn't start up or there is no picture on the screen, the help from a professional technician is required.
Typical problems which you can encounter are as follows
  • Computer doesn't turn on
  • System is acting funny, slow, or not like before
  • Computer freezes, crashes, or is unstable
  • BOD: Blue/Black Screen of Death
  • Fatal boot failures
  • Hard drive issues
If you are experiencing these problems,
it is recommended to call a qualified computer technician to perform diagnostics. You may attempt repairs independently, however, without the proper knowledge, you can not only do more harm to your computer, but also get electrical injury.

Our specialists will troubleshoot your computer and give you practical recommendations how to use the computer
DESKTOPS - We Fix Any Kind of Desktops
Desktop repair is very difficult work
requiring profound knowledge of all the computer devices and principles of their work. The most important part of the computer repair is the ability to correctly detect the defective device of the computer.

We don't recommend that you try to repair your desktop computer independently and make the situation worse. You can call us and we'll troubleshoot your computer and offer you the optimal way for repair. We also service all Macintosh from Power PC to Intel platforms.
What work we usually perform
Absolute Computer Services performs the whole set of services of computer repair, including but not limited to:

Repairs and Replacements

Service Calls
  • Video Cards
  • Motherboards
  • Hard Drives
  • Accessories
  • Processor
  • System Cases
  • Building Systems from Scratch
  • Workstation Set-ups
  • Server and Network Maintenance
  • Emergency Virus Removal
  • Wireless Network Set-ups
  • Printer Maintenance
We'll be glad to help you with your desktop! MACs or PCs Serviced & Upgraded for you.
LAPTOPS - We Fix Any Kind of Laptops As Well
If your laptop stopped working properly,
the best way for you is to address the specialist. The technicians of Absolute Computer Services will apply the up-to-date methods of diagnostics, restore your computer quickly and guarantee the quality of our work.

We provide repair of the laptops of all brands: Toshiba, Acer, IBM or Lenovo, SONY, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Dell, Compaq, Samsung, Asus, Alienware, Asus, Panasonic, Gateway etc. We also service all Macintosh laptops from Power PC to Intel platforms. We perform service of the laptop and peripheral system, replacement of battery, installing of additional memory modules.
The technician qualified in laptop repair will perform the following,
Preventive measures, cleaning, troubleshooting, installation of operation system, apply software programs and configuration, installation of drivers, data backup and recovery, virus removal and prevention, connection of peripheral devices (speakers, mouse, keyboard, different accessories, cell phone etc.), replacement of external power supply, installation/replacement of hard disks for disks of more capacity with data backup, installation/replacement of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, replacement of the processor, and memory extension or replacement of memory!
BACK-UPS - Saving Your Data is IMPORTANT!
In modern world the value of any information is very high
Not being able to get access to important data sometimes turns into financial problems.

The main reasons of losing data include:

Poor quality of devices for information storage
Different mistakes of: logical disks, operated by file systems FAT, FAT32, and NTFS
Failure of electronic equipment or power systems
Software mistakes
Appearance of virus programs
Formatting of hardware

These data can be:

Files of operational system Windows (FAT, FAT32, NTFS)
QuickBooks or Quicken data
Digital pictures
Documents Word, Excel, Powerpoint

If you didn't have the backup system, can't find the necessary folder or if you need to restore your data, Absolute Computer Services will help you to restore information on all kinds of digital media: Hard Drives, CD, ZIP, flash-drives, changeable memory cards etc.
Our company gained great experience in helping users to restore information and are able to cope with any situation. To perform effectively, we apply modern technologies of data restore.

Attention! All attempts to restore data on your own can lead to irreversible lost of information. Entrust your data to qualified technicians.
CALL US 407.731.7824 IT Services, Computer Repair, Networks, and More! Contact Email
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CALL US 407.731.7824 IT Services, Computer Repair, Networks, and More! Contact Email
Here is Some Information on Absulute Computer Services
If you need professional technical support and service,
consultation when buying computer hardware, or if you have problems with your computer, "Absolute Computer Services" will help you in that.
Absolute Computer Services is a dynamic company
which accumulated great experience in maintaining computer hardware; we are always aware of up-to-date innovations in the field of information technologies and can offer you the best computer solutions.

We are well informed of the market of computer accessories, which allows us to perform assembling and upgrading the computer in compliance with the needs and opportunities of our customers. Good knowledge of the software allows us to choose the best solutions for your comfortable work or play with your computer.
You can always rely on us
for computer help with guarantee for quality and professional service. Highly qualified specialists within a short period of time will solve any problems with your computers, install and configure software, teach you to work with new programs and support our clients with valuable advice and consultations.

Moreover, our clients can always get a free consultation concerning malfunctioning of their computers over the telephone.
We provide only licensed software
for our customers and our prices are quite affordable. Contacting us, you will get professional computer help. We appreciate our customers, therefore we provide them with:

Free consultation by telephone
Service call by licensed/certified technician
Remote repair or configuration service
Migration of data
Guarantee for our work

All rights reserved to Absolute Computer Services
CALL US 407.731.7824 IT Services, Computer Repair, Networks, and More! Contact Email
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